So, I’m now a protester…..uh, yeah…..

July 31, 2018

Finally. My fingers work, I finally have something to say. OR, PortlandOccupy”  has pissed me off. They took a portion of city as hostage, made it almost impossible to get to certain bullshit clinics because they had a very very important message they HAD to deliver-even at the cost of $55,000, give or take, and kept a certain portion of the public almost not get to essential life sustaining treatments, like folks whose kidneys have failed and the clinic they go for dialysis, which is not the concern of the protesters. They don’t care about some ill Americans who worked, paid taxes, found themselves in an illness that they had no control over. They don’t count, especially if your trying to make an entity like ICE just go away.

So, what was the question…..again???

In case you missed it: “ Occupy ICE Portland Oregon“…..trying to explain this in simple terms, because it really does not sink in, what they really thought they could accomplish with what they did, is hard. So I think it was here the mayor said he sided with the protesters, were right, and the ICE agents-who have this office open and staffed, to keep people’s visa’s and papers current so they ARE NOT here illegally, were un-American doing this job, and  Occupy is right in stopping folks from going in and doing business with them….thats a load of crap. We need to obey Occupy ????

So…let me get this right…sure….uh huh…

Occupy occupied ICE. Looked more like a white supremacist encampment with signs that said otherwise. They stopped families and individuals who had business in the building, from entering and keeping their status as legal, from doing business there, and this could cause them to miss their deadline to stay legal. WOW!!! Thanks guy’s, nice job. And then lets throw this in…in a second, they were camping on some railroad track looking things..oh, yeah, they couldn’t operate the 4 trip a day ride they have going. Americans could not enjoy this while they “occupied”. Crap, thats not the half of it. A lot of stuff they just don’t really look into went on, a lot.

WOW, the MyPillow guy was a coke whore!!!! That did not stop Occupy ICE

Still not able to make the picture in my head to come up right yet…this group decides that ICE is not American in their actions, or deeds. So said group moves in to the sidewalk and side street areas and with the mayors go ahead, stops all business there to come to a stop. Said group pushes Federal Agents to the line by being, and please quote me, “asshole protesters”, provoke them into standing their ground and a handful of those agents (they did not have even a 1 to 10 ratio, the Agents were way outnumbered 30 to 1 or more) protected the area they were responsible for, and yes, if you ask them to pop you with pepper spray they will if you ask them the right way. Continuing on, they expand their encampment to include the rail line and effectively stopped some more Americans to NOT WORK while they trespassed on that property. They, those brave souls protesting the confinement of illegal aliens-everywhere in America, not the building they were camped at-wanting all the freedoms we have and be able to use them, freedom of speech and the right to assemble and blah blah (hey, there protesters-who cares what they want from the wrong part of the government) and then make a food wagon close up because even though they feed the homeless, they fed ICE! My God, thats un-American!!! They served anyone who showed up and was hungry. How does stopping that make them so good, so right??? Thats not the half of it. It just get’s funnier and funnier…and Mike was a coke whore, his dealers pulled an intervention on him. Not here, not because of said group, and it seems like it does not belong here, right? No one slept on a MyPillow during the takeover. Mike saw the light, got straight, and decide that the world needed better sleep, not even thinking about this little band of fuck up’s. Mike’s a good guy, has the fit sleep of the world on his mind, but did he fly out and give them MyPillow’s??? Hell no. He, as I did, slept well. Whats this got to do with it? Nothing really, except I think if Mike knew they did not have a MyPillow to sleep comfortably, well, he would of declined showing up, they were not acting like Americans, they were soothing their conscience, a lifetime of apathy towards the world and they get themselves right doing this….  ?  …..whatever floats your lifejacket huh?

Medical Emergencies, one line, and you ain’t gonna be on time 

So, this group of less-on’s ( I refuse to call them more-on’s or morons) also made the trip to a bunch of clinics that OHSU and other medical services they have nearby inaccessible for many patients. We have a clinic there that we go to when things go wrong. I thought long and hard about what my wifes doctor had planned, and they were in the way of this. I also thought about transplant patients, dialysis patients, cancer patients, Americans that worked and paid taxes and found themselves in a bad place all the sudden. How selfish can I get, right? I mean they are occupying and protesting, what am I thinking? The world should come to a stop as we focus on these upstanding citizens and their message: “ABOLISH ICE”. What the fuck? Seriously??? And to top off there occupancy, well, they live like pigs-I have to assume this because a reporter that is NOT Maxine Bernstein of the Oregonian newspaper wrote the following,-thank you Fox news: 


“Portland, Ore., to clean up ‘disgusting’ Occupy ICE camp, calling it biohazard”…

And so be it. Put up with all the things aforementioned, and like spoiled children that didn’t get their way, they made a mess and told us to clean it up. Spoiled you ask? Yes, they have all the freedoms everyone else has, plus they expect us to be politically correct and treat them like royalty. The freedoms they have they do not understand or appreciate. They fail to realize that people died for them to exercise the rights they have. They have no respect for the civil servants that protect those rights, they have not one  clue as to who they want to abolish or what they really do for America, and her citizens. NO ICE=NO IMMIGRATION. It used to be called Immigration and Naturalization Services.  9-11 changed all that.   Forever..

I am protesting….uh…well…I know, I need a sign to parade around with….

And that didn’t work out so well. I have a sign, a nice one too. Ain’t coming apart anytime soon, made with pride in America, by an American, who has Marine Corps values and common sense. Born here. Learned a great deal about how this Republic run’s. Want to, but can’t hate some of the players. I vote, it’s not just a right, it’s a responsibility. Vote, please. (Never drive or vote drunk please) I don’t like flag burning unless you wrap yourself in it first, and I’ll probably try to put it out. Which could be painful. No, I guarantee it will be painful, before, during, and for a long time afterwards, promise. Kneelers, they are protesting, and ain’t carrying a sign. Can’t tell if they are praying they don’t get their asses kicked, or just takin a time out or even if they are trying to remember where they parked-ineffective protesting-but will piss off patriotic Americans.

Learning from others….mistakes that is!!!!

So, the sign. Kinda drove it home for me. Blank, well made, quality components, made to last. BUT, it’s blank. I think I like the reference made to ICE , long form as NATIONAL IMMIGRATION and CUSTOMS ENFORCEMENT” OR, “NICE”. I want their name changed to “NICE”. They protect us from all those folks that want to live here, accept welfare/food stamps/free college/anything that they can get and not put in to taxes, unemployment insurance, Social Security let alone take responsibility for things like supporting minor children-welfare takes care of that, funding schools through property taxes-we pay for schools and it has been over 20 years since we had a school age child at home, but it seems that the population of school aged children that need ESL classes has grown disproportionately. NICE, real NICE. But we pay when we should take radical action. VOTE!!! Pretty radical idea, might not float, and seems like there should be a better way. Oh, there is. Immigration laws and those who enforce them, or “NICE”. Do we need a wall? I’m betting on it. Do we need real and clear immigration laws? I’m betting on that one too. Do we need immigrants? I’m betting on that also. Do we need lax borders, no immigration and customs enforcement? Ask me and I will be a “yes, we do”. Do we need all this “Sanctuary _______” (Municipality, City, County, State, and any other place criminals can hide and be well cared for) crap? No. We have created a safe haven of food, shelter, cash, vehicles, laws that don’t apply to someone who is going to be deported for breaking the law while getting here. How does “Give ’till it hurts” apply to illegals before it applies to a homeless vet or a family displaced by disaster? Shame on you citizens who discount our own over someone who is here just to party? Need more time to answer? OK………………………

OUCH!!!! That hurt…yer right though. But fuck that hurt!!!!!

Hey, I don’t make this shit up. I seem to think we all took it in the shorts and it was a picnic for the occupiers. Those trying to do a job we hire them to do, and others who couldn’t work because they were in the way of the message. Be it a small trolley or a food cart, watch who you serve or suffer for it, and park your train somewhere else. Those, some gravely ill, not being able to get to a doctors appointment. It ain’t plastic surgery chuckles. It’s “real” illnesses, real people, real sick of some self centered IQ of a doorknob protester thats wants open borders-until they can’t get a job because….whoa…how do you camp for weeks and not go to work??? Were they all gainfully employed or were they  subsidized???Subsidized?? How does that happen??? Oh, welfare? Gotta wonder. Before I retired I only worked when I wanted to-I wanted to every day so I could provide for who I wanted to provide for and have some things we just wanted to have or go do. NOT on your tax dollar. Thank me later.

A citizen speaks up…….one whole citizen, and don’t blink or you’ll miss it 


“It was pretty disgusting that that’s how they were living back there. Getting tired of waking up to the bullhorn and the sounds and the cussing.”

– Frank Savage, Portland, Ore., resident who lives near the Occupy ICE camp                         “Resident”? OK, CITIZEN!!!  And this is not the end of it. No one is really wanting to spend $55,000.00 toplus to clean up and repair everything. Think about the trash generated in that time span-no one getting rid of it either. Interesting enough, a small factoid: They had a communal toilet paper locker. Yeah…remember way back when you could either wipe your ass or eat??? And one woman enquiring about medical services-yes they had medical services/showed you didn’t they?-asked about mental health services. And yes, they said that someone was going to donate services for that….just too too much to process at once? Me too. But I watched it unfold on the news twice a day, right up to Portland Police taped off the area and delivered the “hit the ramp tramp” papers. My thoughts on taking so long? Damn, spend your voucher on toilet paper and kool-aide and not pay the rent, double eviction, no home to go home to, I had to wonder. I might not be a protester after all. Hell, I can’t even toss my socks on the floor for more than 5 minutes……bullhorn???……….

STAY in California dude, no vacancy here,closed for the season,be back in the morning,  

I am not good with things to put on my sign. I have found no use for marshmallows, not one. I have something to say, this I know. There’s that squirrel on the fence again, ACME anti-gravity boots with rocket pods…damn….LoJaK™ too…..probably a dope dealer anyway. I could put gold letters on my sign, on a black background. Nice big letters… “NICE”, and yelling “freeze-it’s NICE”. Yeah, I’m gonna hang up now, lotta stuff to do….                                                                               S/F                                                                                                                                                     Guide OUT  



A footnote in history

July 29, 2010
Originally Posted by Guide Plt.2129
If you had a million Marines write something from scratch about the same subject, it would be the same. Not identical, spelling different, a few places and names different, small things you would hardly notice. The ideals, the values, they would be the same. We are Marines. We dont have these things beat into us, we come to realize them. We are not scared into thinking a certain way, we come to understand things the right way. We are not robots or drones, we are unique , thinking, individuals. We are Marines though, and we all pretty much in our hearts know the right things,”Honor,Courage,Commitment.” It’s a way of life, a tried and true way of Marine life.
I had the opportunity to become a licensed nurse after I got out. I was asked one time how a Marine could become a nurse. I thought about it for a second an answered “They ain’t that much different, Marines and nurses, we still care for people and we dont have to hump the boonies now to do it.”
Over the 15 years as a nurse I have had the privilege to work with over 80 Marines and Corpsmen that had become nurses after their time in, in 7 different states. It was nice to pull a 18 hour shift with someone who knew how you thought.
Marines care. They would die for you. Why? Because thats what they do. They care. Theres a link at the bottom so the Marine that wrote this gets his much deserved credit. I believe he wrote it o remind us ,and educate America.
Make it a better place for all, and with that, I’ll just let it speak for it’s self…………

A half a century ago, I spent the longest 13 weeks of my life at an out-of-the-way place called Parris Island, S.C., then and now the home of the Marine Corps Recruit Depot.
We were strangers who arrived there in the middle of the night and were immediately relieved of all our civilian clothing and possessions — including our hair. Standing there confused, apprehensive and bald, I remember asking myself over and over: What the hell am I doing here?
Then silently appeared in our midst a man in a starched uniform and polished boots brimming with self-confidence and a sense of command. This was the Marine drill instructor, the DI, who did not conceal his disgust with what he saw in us. I can still hear him that we were the sorriest collection of misfits and rejects he or anyone else had ever seen.
What followed was 90 days of splendid misery. Civilian habits, speech and attitude were marched and drilled and driven out of us. The DI was relentlessly democratic. He treated everyone on our platoon, 189, with equal contempt while double-timing us 12 hours a day from mess duty to the rifle range and back. He used his personal term of endearment to remind us, “Maggot, remember, you volunteered to be here.”
Somehow after more than three months of no Cokes, no beer, no TV and not even a day off, the DI, by then our Ultimate Authority Figure, reluctantly conceded that just possibly, maybe someday, we might actually be Marines. The combination of joy, relief and pride was unmatched.
I was not a great Marine. I never saw combat. I got a lot more from the Marines than the Marines got from me. But I believe fervently that this nation today needs the values of the Marine Corps as much as the nation needs the Marine Corps.
Of course, honor, courage and commitment are always in short supply. But the Marines teach personal responsibility and accountability by example, that any chain is only as strong as the weakest individual link. As a unit, we are stronger working together than the individual members can separately be.
Marines take care of their own — and they take care of their fellow Marines before themselves. The well-being of the country and of the Corps is more important than our individual well-being.
This may best be stated in the hard-and-fast Marine rule: “Officers eat last.” The Marine officer does not eat until after his subordinates for whom he is responsible — the corporals and privates — have been fed. Marines live by the rule that loyalty goes both up and down the chain of command. Would not our country be a more just and human place if the brass of Wall Street and Washington and executive suites believed that “officers eat last”?
The Marine ethic emphasizes responsibility to duty and responsibility to others before self. This is the very opposite of the unbridled individualism that elevates profit and personal comfort to high virtues. The selfish and self-centered CEO or senator who disregards and discards his loyal “troops” would be shunned in the Corps.
Civilian Americans must understand that the greatest civil rights victories have been won by the Marines and the U.S. military, the most successfully integrated sector of our national life. Why? No racial reference and no racial discrimination. The first time I ever slept in the same quarters with African-Americans or Latinos — or took orders from them — was as a private in the Marines Corps.
Yes, America really does need more Marine values and influence.…/#comment_form